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Funny Moon festival 2020


30.07.2020 - 03.08.2020
Valeč u Karlových Varů
Valeč u Karlových Varů


Activ8 (Moonstream/Public Beta Rec) Serbia
Atom (Morfogeneza) Poland
Bilbo Boblin (PsyCulture) Germany
Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
Dalilama (Cosmixed Society/Shanti Tribe) Serbia
Darkology (MfG Tribe) Romania
Dinke (Unnatural Selection) Serbia
Docent (Morfogeneza) Poland
Entheon (Hunab Ku Records) Mexico
Fiszu (PsyWest Crew/Chaishop.com) Poland
Giuseppe (Parvati Records) Denmark
GoaTarzan (Mouju Records) Germany
(Djane) Happines (Euphoria) Austria
(Djane) Harmonic (Protected Universe) Austria
Horizon (Cosmixed Society/Popol Vuh Rec) United States
Itaka (Schamanism Records) Germany
Kimmei (Parvati Records) Bavaria/Germany
(Djane) Minatrix (Voodoo Hoodoo/Zero Gravity) Austria
(Djane) MissVerständniss (Banyan Rec/Chaishop.com) Germany
Nebokad (Mouju Records) Germany
Ondrej Psyla (Purple Hexagon Records) Czech Republic
Parama (NexTimeProd) Austria
Plech (Polyhedra Crew) Czech Republic
(Djane) Ratri (Morfogeneza) Poland
Rix (TesseracTstudio) Croatia
Robas (Independent) Slovakia
(Djane) Sabsunshine (Sound Lab Pirates) Austria
Sascha Suntrax (Cosmixed Society/Mukkepack) Austria
(Djane) Salihlavka (Synaptic Dreams Records) Slovakia
Sebananda (Crispy Chaos Crew) Austria
Seroton (Hi-Psy Collective) Austria
Shamaniak (Banyan Rec / Shipibo Sounds) Austria
Sohotarex (Twisted Reality) Slovakia
Trip Commander (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Tommes (Unisono) Austria
Uurohmbre (Shipibo Sounds) Turkey

Live Acts

Alpscore (Alice-D records) Italy https://soundcloud.com/al...

Error in Dimension (Alice-D records) Germany https://soundcloud.com/er...

Extracted Roots (Mouju Records) Germany https://soundcloud.com/ex...

Flow Wolf (Hunab Ku Records) Austria https://soundcloud.com/fl...

Gappeq (Parvati Records) Czech Republic

Horizon (Cosmixed Society/Popol Vuh Rec) United States https://soundcloud.com/ho...

Jomaha (Mouju Records) Bavaria/Germany https://soundcloud.com/jo...

Lacerta (Forestdelic Rec/Space Baby Rec) Russia/Ukraine http://soundcloud.com/lac...

Pan (Alternate Reality/Expo records) United Kingdom https://soundcloud.com/pa...

Rhythmonorm (Tendence) Bosnia and Herzegovina https://soundcloud.com/te...

Shiva Om (Space Baby Records) Ukraine https://soundcloud.com/la...

Yawanawa (Squamata Records/Mouju Records) Austria https://soundcloud.com/ya...

Zenflow (Monkey Business Records) Austria


Amarettine (independent) Czech Repiblic
Anicca (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Cosmic Touch (Visionary Shamanics Rec/Susmabea) Finland (Live) https://soundcloud.com/co...
Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
Dalilama (Cosmixed Society/Shanti Tribe) Serbia
Elemental (UfoBufo) Czech Republic
Extracted Roots (Tropical Odyssee) Gernamy (Live)
Fipsinger & Parama (Next Time Prod) Austria
Frank Dax (independent)
Harmonic (Protected Universe) Austria
Kojo (Fusion Culture Rec) Israel (Live)
Martina Prchalová (Independent) Czech Republic (Live)
Masterminded Proj (Merkaba Music) Israel (Live) https://soundcloud.com/ma...
MantisMash (Shanti Planti / Merkaba Music) Israel (Live) https://soundcloud.com/ma...
Mini S (independent)
Noziroh (Popol Vuh Records/Cosmixed Society) USA https://www.mixcloud.com/...
Primal (Deepersense) Poland Mixcloud.com/Primal_DP
Rita Raga (Altar Records) Poland (Live) soundcloud.com/ritaragamusic
Suzie Fleur (Independent) Holland https://www.mixcloud.com/...
Sascha Suntrax (Cosmixed Society/Mukkepack) Austria
Vacuum (Vedel School) Ukraine https://www.mixcloud.com/...
Zotz (Hunab Ku Records) Mexico


Baby K (Alternate Reality) ••٠UK
Liquid Senergy Design ••٠USA

(Performance crews)

Cosmic Juggling Pirates
La Gota Kollektive


DekotroniX ••٠ Usa/Austria
Elemental Crew & Cyreal ••٠(Ufo BUfo team) Czech Republic
Morfogeneza ••٠ Poland
Nobokads Dekoration ••٠Germany
Paraworx decoration ••٠Germany
Shankara Lab Design Team ••٠Ukraine
Tarzan Art ••٠ Germany




New Toilets
Healing Area With Workshops, Message, yoga and more
Fire & Led Performance
Food & Market area with a view
New Funny Forest and Ewok Village in the Trees
Hammock Garden and new Plato in upper forest
Movie Area
Castle garden Open by day
Art Gallery
Bow and arrow shooting range

Good hearted People welocme, Freaks ,Fraggles Pixies and Trolls.
Children all ages welcome ( under 16 Free )
Friendly Dogs welcome (No Dogs On Drugs :D)

Funny Moon festival is a non commercial event. Always has been, we use all founds we receive from you( our guest ) to build and keep the spirit of the psy family alive.
We try to keep it in a size so people are actually able to see each other more than once on a party… so that family like atmosphere is being kept up.

The main stage will deliver Alpha and Omega wave, depending on the time of day. But the music is intended to be inspiring in their own way of experience. Maybe not like any other festival.
We want something energetic and people be high from the music…

We definitely want to give people an alternative to the commercial festival machine running every week during the summer.
We are focusing on the spiritual aspect of the party and the energetic wave throughout….
We want also you to feel at home in a family of wonderful people who are still walking the planet.

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1300,- (50 EUR)