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Mutant Star


Mutant Star is a psychedelic trance project founded in 1999 by two members of Demimonde metal band (Ankhabut and Afagddu). Love of Goa Trance and neo-hippie culture was the main reason behind starting their first psychedelic work. They have founded their own psytrance music project. The project was named after the first Demimonde studio album which was released in 2000 under the Czech label EPIDEMIE RECORDS. Currently Ankhabut is the only Mutant Star member. He still cooperates with Demimonde metal band. In their last album Cygnus Oddyssey he has participated significantly, it was released on August 2016 with MetalGate records. Ankhabut is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Aleppo, a Syrian living in Prague, Czech Republic. In August 2017 Ankhabut founded his own Ambient, chillout and downtempo music project called ANKHA. Mutant Star studio: Elektron and Akai samplers, Elektron synthesizers, MOTU sound cards, Access Virus TI, Roland JP-8080, Nord Lead 2X,Elektron Octatrack and Analog 4, B.C.Rich guitar with Digitech GNX3 processor.

Listen to Mutant Star music: https://ffm.to/r88zxp7.odl

Prague, Czech Republic | ankhabut@mutantstar.com http://www.mutantstar.com