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Interview with dj Nem /Oxygen rec/

We prepared interview with dj Nem, who are going to play in Magic Extract IV., party which will be hold in Ostrava city - you can find out more about party

1) I’ve heard that you are originally from Ostrava but you’ve never played here before...
I lived in Ostrava till my 18’s than I moved to Prague to study at university. Actually this city is not too interesting for me to live in but I have lots of wonderfull memories
from there, always happy coming back and I’m really proud where I’m coming from - from hardcore city. I like inhabitans, they have special item in their blood.)
I’ve played once in the club Fabric but too early mostly just for decorators so I don’t count it as a proper set.

(2) Try to introduce yourself
The first tracks I heard from Rawe on small parties in Ostrava but I was too orientated to drumandbase to the broken beat that it didn’t attract me.
The first proper festival that opened the door to the psyworld was in Slovakia in 2000. Since that time I was visiting all parties of Sonic Distortion and Perplex and I was dancing the whole night.
I started to listen psytrance at home and step by step sank into. After while I was missing the tunes at parties that I liked mostly more progressive ones. So I started to learn to mix, in small room at college with one player and second channel connected to the pc
and I was trying to match the beats.
At the beginning I played at Cross club in Prague and since then it was pretty fast. Small and big parties in Czech and than from label parties till big festivals all over the Europe.

(3) I´ve always been interested, what i should do to establish psytrance label...

The first flash to settle our own label appeared when TV cooperated with Ketuh records where he didn`t match with his musical taste.
We had the vision to settle small professional label that would release high quality morning.
It’s a lot af work behind the fun more than it seems to be. The most important is to have good distribution and top quality music.

(4) Do you have regular job or label is enough for you ?
Both of us has normal every day job and mostly because of security, professional challenge and attitude to the music.
We have label as a hobby, don’t want to be dependent financially on so we don’t have to release commercial music and do unconfortable things.

(5) There are only foreign interprets on your compilations. Isn´t a pity, that we have two labels ( Oxygen rec. a Tribal Vision) and both of them release very good compilations, but only with foreign interprets as i said ? (except Tribal Vision rec. which introduces dj Rai from Prague, but his music isn´t psytrance, is it ?) Do you think that our musicians have nothing to offer ?
We’ve released Gappeq’s love song on our first compilation Satellite but since than he’s doing even more harder stuff, so it wouldn’t fit to our releases anymore. Sadly I haven’t heard any track that would like to release. It’s also difficult because of our focus on tiny range of music and we don’t want decrease quality of release just because of location of the artist.

(6)You´ve moved to Spain. What do you think about their psytrance scene ? Please compare it with our scene...
Scene in Barcelona is pretty different than our small czech scene. Most of the parties are organized by the same people. It’s possible to hear the formula izraeli fullon and the crowd is from the main part created by the "speedy" teenagers.
You can hear GMS and Astrix almost every other weekend but search some party with some interesting psy artist its mostly impossible.
On the spring we will start to make our own parties so I hope we’ll create by the time some crowd that would be more interested in yawing music.

(7) What do you think about our psytrance scene ? Where will it go ?
I really like our scene especially after I could compare it with different ones in the world. I think it’s very developped mainly in the preferences of a musical style and I’ve met there many great and interesting people.
Fortunatelly mostly anybody is playing commercial styles and the czech crowd doesn’t seem to seek for that. Prabably it will increase the popularity of dark style because of new drifts from free techno.
Anyway I like the most playing for my fucked up czech friends through the morning.0)

(8) Let´s come back to your label Oxygen. rec. ? What are you going to do ?
We are releasing now two albums, the first is second album of brazilian artist called Setherian. The album is fusion of progressive trance, electro, melodic fullon with influencies of IDM, minimal and many more..
Completely shake of many styles with beautiful melodies and unexpectable ideas.
Name of the album is Postrancepose.
The second album is long awaited debut album from izraeli producers Sound field - Audiosurfin’. Forget the typical izraeli sound, this is very sensitive and intelligent combination of modern progressive trance with goa elements.
Very emotional album with great potential. For spring is TV preparing new compilation, similar style as Parsec - morning intelligent melodic fullon - this time more deep and than my compilation is in the queue.
(9) What psytrance style do you prefer ? What have you prepared for people in Ostrava ?
So my favorite branch is atmospheric-deep-hypnotic-groovy progressive trance. Find good quality tracks is a small miracle.
Generally this style is being released very rare these days mostly because its being forced out by housy and electroish stuff that I think in one year will be out of fashion.
On party in Ostrava I would see how the audience react but I suppose the most powerfull tracks I have in my case.

(10) What music do you use for relax ?
I like IDM, new jazz, autechre but the most the music of nature wind, sea-gulls, ground sea...
Barcelona is city full of noises so we are traveling a lot out of city to the nature.

(11) What would you tell to the Czech psytrance people ? And the people in Ostrava ?
Appreciate the czech scene and try to cooperate. To Ostrava "Banik pyco"!

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