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Get new WInter Revolve magazine: it's a party all the time :-)

The new Winter 2013-2014 Revolve Magazine is now available.
This magazine is a counter-cultural one looking in a bit more detail about
the control network running world policy.

From the first article looking at the bloodlines and their possible links to major
Biblical characters and on the 101st anniversary of the set-up of the Federal Reserve it considers the bodies set up by the Banksters which are not democratically accountable. Other articles looking at the Ponzi economic debt system which will collapse soon, the need for a change in the state and the necessity to free yourself from the system’s control.

Features: Who's at the top of Pyramid? / Bankers&secret societies / It's one big Ponzi scheme / The state is out of date / hadra festival bounces back /
Set yourself free from the system / Art Moscow / Summer festival reviews

Interviews: Keerych Luminokaya / Electric Universe / Psysex / Psilocybian / Contineum

Here’s a link to a PDF of the magazine,
if you would like a paper copy you can only get one with a previous magazine and promo CD, available at:

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