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7.1.2012 Austria/Vienna *LUCID DREAMS* HIGHWAY TO HELL - Will O Wisp, Glosolalia,..



we are proud to present:

Will O Wisp
(Dark prisma/Tantrumm Rec) -ARG
First Time in Vienna!! 2h Live!!!

Will O' Wisp is Gaston Mellino another inhabitan of the land of Quilmas, deep in the south of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 2003 he met psychedelic trance and found what he was looking for in music. Looking for more tracks he discovered projects like Penta, Kindzadza and Highcosmos and the locals Megalopsy and Frantic Noise, setting his path along the way. After the first visit of Goa Gil, he decided to start spinning ‘dark’ psychedelic trance, and the year after he decided to start making music to explore more the cybernetic and mystical style so characteristic of his productions and dj sets.
With strong basslines, sharp percussions and audio destructions, Will O’ Wisp is an intense psychedelic experience always oriented to the dancefloor . Playing powerful tracks keeping his cybernetic edge he provides a psychedelic soundscape methodically designed for blowing his listener's minds.


(Dark prisma/Tantrumm Rec.) -ARG
First Time in Vienna!! 2h Live!!!

Glosolalia is Martin Boder, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his musical career playing guitar in Nu Metal bands until he met electronic music in parties done in his home city. Looking for more intense music he came across psychedelic trance through Russian projects such as Fungus Funk and Parasense, but it was Psykovsky’s debut album that changed his perspective in music and psychedelic trance around 2006.
From that moment on he started to make music as Glosolalia, concept that describes the language a person speaks when he is in trance or ectasy. Looking for a way to talk this language through music, he started to make psychedelic trance in his laboratory in Florida, creasting his own style and developing his own tricks, which surprised his scene a lot. Looking to touch his listener’s hearts, Boder makes powerful and strong tracks filled with emotional atmospheres dripping beauty. Combining the brutality of destruction and the beauty of creation, his sound explorations are designed to heal the soul of its listeners, digging deep inside of them, using a wide range of bpms, new technologies and experimental ideas.


Quantum Mechanica
(Dark prisma/Tantrumm Rec.) -ARG
First Time in Vienna!! 2h Live!!

After of years of sonic alchemy reasearch in the Quantum Labs and experimentation over dancefloor al over the world Glosolalia & Will O Wisp are ready to announce the first official Quantum Mechanica Tour for Europe winter 2011-2012.
The performance will include 6 hs of experimental hi tech and deep organic music going from experimental high bpm ranges to more slow organical tunes to be able to suit any dancefloor .
In these tour we will be presenting some previews of the will o wisp and glosolalia albums later to be relesed on 2012 as well as many quantum mechanica tracks and collaborations with respected artist like Kindzadza ,Psykovsky,Osom,Sonic Sissors,Megalopsy,Frantic Noise,Arcek and many more.


on a FUNKTION ONE Soundsystem!!!


(Lucid Dreams/Wild Seven Rec./Soundlab Pirates)

more tba! :)

Sunfloor hosted by SOUNDLAB PiRATES

Lineup comming sooon!! :)


Entry: tba

Chai by CHE.Manfred - Chai, Cake & fresh Fruits

FUNKTION ONE Soundsystem!!!

Offizielle Afterhour --> http://www.goatrance.de/g...

only 18+ (Ausweis nicht vergessen!!) Please NO Drugs, NO Dogs & NO Trash outside of the Viper Room


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