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This year we prepared a serial story about czech psytrance crews for you. We will try to make more extensive information circuit,
because these people contribute to expansion of czech psytrance scene. First interview is with czech group from Brno city well known as Booyone Soundsystem.

Booyone Soundsystem
active from: 03/2003
web page: http://booyone.nasiti.cz
email: booyone@nasiti.cz
region: Brno city, Czech republic

Who lives in Brno city, he sure have met crew of few guys, called ’Bujoni’.
This crew presents three guys - Jiri (Turin), Mark (Marasan) and Mirek (Orange),
they know each other from time immemorial/from time out of mind, as they said.

Booyone was born in about year 2002 in their heads, during building/making/creating
sound system from speakers and cables they have found at home . First, as Marek said, the guys wanted 2 powerful speakers and sound amplifier.
Speakers were completed in about one week and they were tested on 7.3. 2002.
One day later they were used in their first official party in club TeePee - Brno city,
where well known slovak crew Cosmic Dance and Dj Karry - main webmaster of
www.psyverse.sk played their sets.

From this time they tried to arrange periodically parties called Psyoux in TeePee club,
where we could listen, in this time more famous czech interpreters, such as Quokka Tribe,
Gappeq, Schwa, Trancedelic Family and see one of the main czech decoration crews Cybertronix.

Primarily they are oriented in psytrance parties, but in a short time period, due to
financial problems, they have started to cooperate with brno’s jungle/d’n’b scene and make sound at few parties.
Most familiar is open-air in Radostice city (28. 6. 2003) and Hajenka Open 27. 8. 2004.

Unfortunately due to decision of town hall, psychedelic open air nearby Holubice in summer 2003 was not proceed.
Bigger open-air "Slafkof" was realized by Booyone in cooperation with Vje in 2.7.2004.
Two huge stages - psychedelic trance (Quokka Tribe, ...) and jungle (Sayko, X.Morph, Lazzna, ...),
were completed with chillout by Simbiotic and with great summer atmosphere and full moon.

Currently they are usually arranging party called Synteza in Brno city club Perpetuum
with most popular czech djs/projects.
Anyone who didnt meet this group yet can visit another parties - in club U Suchace,
in Cernota music club, ’boskovicke Sklepy’ or Breclav city Block.

Residents in their parties are especially DJ Triptamine, DDJ and Sasaa (Boskovice city), thanks to further cooperation.
Ven, Fana, Semo Tamo, Pooletz and other volunteers/friends such as
Amanita, Psysbee or Kyle help to make party better by creating decorations.

In future time, Booyone will be continuing with organising psychedelic trance parties around Brno city.
They are still looking for another places for their parties - clubs or outdoor.

The crew also offers self fulfillment for devotees, who can contribute to scene, but has no similarly chances.

For a chat with Marasan...

Every time I meet some psychedelic freak I ask the same question - How did you get into psychedelic trance as a crew.

I came to the electronic music at parties which I was attending - HradHouse, Trabic open-air,
projects such as Liquid Harmony, Bullerbyne, Tribal Drift.
Stepwise I’ve infected few of my friends and rest of Booyone too. Around the year 1998, we have got first psytrance
mp3s, namely: Indoor, Cosmosis, Astral Projection, Hallucinogen etc.
It was the beginning ...

Ok, but why Psytrance?
Why psytrance? Because of the track a Total Eclipse : 1002nd Night I heard, then I listened to another and
began more interested in the scene - parties in Fan Favorit and Srnka open-air.
The same goes with my friends, but they started with Son Kite Back Beyond Rotation.

What was the progress of psychedelic trance scene in Brno city before and after you have started contributing?

As far as I know parties were arranged in club THC and in Fan Favorit.
THC was closed in a while (probably due to establisment) and parties in Fan Favorite were going down and
then parties finished too.
People which were participating in the scene, for example Tulen, Jagosh, Vreš were propagly arranging other parties,
but all scene in Brno city was dying in sequence. In autumn year 2001 there was a new club Perpetuum opened.
We made few psychedelic trance parties in Perpetuum and we were satisfied with the location.

What was the main impulse to start contributing to czech psychedelic trance scene with your activities?

Main impulse to start make our own parties was our interest
in making weekend parties for our friends with music.
We needed more powerful sound system to make parties better.
Than we were automatically hooked up with the chance making parties
for wider publicity and start up - for me almost dead - psytrance scene in Brno city.

Is psytrance scene divided or was divided into mainstream and underground?
Why was your way ahead for wider publicity?

I wouldnt think that there are are 2 psytrance scenes in Brno city.
Original underground ended by closing THC club and remain on private parties.
Than Perpetuum started and we made some parties in this club. In sequence other our own parties
in any other clubs as well. There are some other person making psytrance parties today - Jagos (DDJ), Tulen in
Cernota club and also our small private parties are helding time to time.

The main way was given by the interest in psytrance. Noone was arranging parties
in Brno city, in Perpetuum can not be psytrance so often, because it is money lossing.
We had to try it for our risk - find other places for parties, get there sound system
and start up party. For example in Teepee club in Brno city.
Parties used to attend just few people and the visit rate was unforeseen.
Freakes dont drink too much and they are too sensitive to entrance price.
In comparison with jungle and techno its different grade.

Different grade? ... I dont think that psy-freaks arent people
who save money so much. We can see that at entrance price on classic parties
in Prague or Ostrava.
Where are brnos freak coming from?

Many people who used to attend parties were mostly our friends with their friends.
Other people were circa the same count. They were changing, some of them stayed
and brought their friends.
And about the recrutation - maybe people who heard psytrance at home
or at parties with more stages, eg. open-air Srnka.
And visitors of THC and Fan Favorite club too. Others are common clubbers, who
want to try something else or they have nothing to do ;-)

All these people have problems with paying for drinking and entrance at party?

I dont know, if they have problem with it, but psytrance parties didnt make much money
Today its better, perhaps. But if we would want to make bigger party, such as Slafkov open-air,
we rather join the jungle scene.

I would like to reassume - you lived in Brno city, lately you started to work in Prague, so you
had a chance to meet organization and people of the scene in Prague.
Whats the difference?
Whats your relation to brno’s scene a how much your leaving affected it?

There are more people involved in Prague - as visitors so organisators.
They can make more expensive parties - for example invite foreign guest.
They have more technical stuff and other accessories. At the end, party isnt in money loss, or
with small money loss as in Brno city. If we would invite foreign guest to Brno city,
the effect will be less reliable.
I dont think that my leaving affected somehow the scene.
Im coming to Brno city very often.

And whats the effect on working of group? ... did you notice some differencies between organisers in Prague and in Brno city?

Lately we were tired from parties, so we took a little break.
In February it is starting again, we will be making 2 parties, so nothing changed and we are continuing.
Differencies between organisers? In Prague, organisers are more accurate.

Whats the sence of arranging parties for you?

Making parties entertain us, we meet there our friends.
If other people will come, athmosphere is better and it’s good.
It’s great fun.

Do you rate parties as an attender by any criteria?

I dont have any rating metric/criteria.
If I go to party I would like to enjoy it.
I dont want to listen ’bad’ music or stress myself with anything.
If we arrange party and many people come to enjoin the party and the party is without problem, it’s
great party for me too.

Yes, for me too, but psytrance parties attend only few people -
what do you think it is the cause that psytrance is not mass expanded here?

I think people dont like this kind of music so much and noone is pushing it violently anywhere.
If it would be like with commercial techno in this time, then it’s good that scene is small.
But resemblance of jungle scene is attractive for me, I like it.

Psytrance parties are more comfortable, more colorful.
Thus small number of people, who knows each other create chamber atmosphere =
great mood and belonging.
In Rusia or Israel its massive business as here other genres.

Why do you like psytrance?

I simply like this kind of music. A man has to looking for good stuff but there are still great projects.

At the end of interview - what are your targets?

Until we will be interested in what we are doing we will make parties and do the best.

Great, thank you for the interview

...translated by Kutny

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