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Rozhovor s Ace Venturou

Prinasime rozhovor s Ace Venturou, ktery nam poskytl u prilezitosti jeho vystoupeni na party Vortex
14.3.09 v Roxy.

Hello how are you? How did you celebrate a new year?

AV: im very good thanx. on new years i was playing in a party as i usually do, this time in Tokyo,which was great.

Nem: Will you tell us your marital status? Married, with children?
AV: i am soon to be married and expecting my first child this summer.

Nem: Why did you leave the famous Psysex project?

AV: I left the project because after working with my ex partner for 8 years, on the same style of music,which was Full-on - it became very boring for me. it was boring to hear it in parties,it was boring to produce it in the studio. i wasn’t putting my heart into it, and that was a sign to move on .

Nem: What would you recommend to young artists that are trying to compose original and interesting music?
Nowdays there are so many new artists every day because its very easy to produce music, u can do it just with a computer and a good set of speakers.
so my recomendation is to develop your own style, if u want to be heard between the sea of artists. otherwise its very hard to get attention these days.

Nem: Is there any psy-artist you love to dance to?

I used to dance a lot when i was younger and going to parties, now it’s a bit more working than dancing. but if i need to say a few of my favorite artists, then it would be FREq, Ticon, Dnox and Beckers, Stephan Bodzin ,Fergie.... the last 3 are not really psy artists, but today techno and progressive house can be heard in a lot of psy parties !!!

How do you see the isreali music scene these days?
As a party scene the israely scene has never been better, at least for me. The full on scene went down big time and progressive sound is ruling right now, as well as Minimal ,techno and prog-house. there are many parties to choose from ,from small club events to bigger raves, and not only in the weekends. i play here a lot and really enjoy it . As far as producers go there are a few notable names nowdays mainly being Ido Ophir and Miki Litvak, Perfect stranger , Lish etc.... so the scene is very healthy as u can see.

What do you know about Czech republic? Sincerely pleaseJ)
Not that much really....i have heard Prague is a beautiful city and saw it in many movies..other than that i used to like a czech porn actress named Silvia saint hehe :)

Do you plan anything special for your first show in Czech republic?
Since im only playing LIVE and not a dj set i will prepare a special live act with the new material but also some oldies of mine as well... looking forward to it.

Do you listen any other style of music apart of psytrance? As we assume that you do, could you please tell us if that has any influence on your composing?

AV: I’m listening to a lot of kinds of music since childhood, i had long periods of certain genres in my life, from Heavy and Death metal to Jazz music ...the first record i ever bought though was a KRAFTWERK electronic album , and i guess the electronic bug had a strong influence ever since. Other than that i get infulence from everything in life , either from tracks i hear or movies i see ,or from Parties or locations i go to !

What are your future plans? Musical, personal…
AV:I plan to make a living from music as long as i can....the next few years will probably be more of the same, another Ace ventura album in 2010 or so, and some techno music as well under the name "schatsi" . as i have a son coming to the world soon im sure i will be quite busy with that as well...

Nem: In case you are cooking, what is your favourite dish?

My exeprience in the kitchen comes down to an egg ommlete and vegetables salade. yes , very lame i know , but my swiss-woman is the best cook in the world, so im set in this department.... i guess my favourite dish would be a chicken Schnitzel with mashed potatoes !!

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