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Rastaliens interview

Rastaliens are two guys from south Germany, who are coming to play at Sonic Aliens party - 27.4.2002, RKM Milovice - Mladá, CZ. Read this short interview to know more about these two psytrance freaks.

First of all, can you tell us your "Rastaliens" story?

Since about 7 years we are DJ´s. After 3 years with dj-ing, we realised, that the records from other people were not enough for us.Therefore we are producing our own psychedelic trance since about 4 years. We started in a small cellar with a little soundsystem. At the beginning we just used simple software-synthies and a small sequenzer-program. Because of our limited possiblities, it was not easy for us to produce a good quality of sound...

Hard work and a lot of enthusiasm caused a booking from some friends in Switzerland. They wanted us for a live-act. Jehaa, our first set, which we played with some quite old synthies, as like Roland 101 and Korg Trident. The feedback of our first act was really great and amazing.. So, we decided to go ahead with our crazy music. The time and the more bookings opened us the chance to buy some new sound-machines.

Thanks to all Alienfreaks arround the world ,who made this possible. And now we are where we are....

Do you have any musical background?

Yes, we played in a heavy metal band a few years ago.Jay played bass-guitar and Ralph guitar. With the time we were more and more interested in synthesizers, so we decided to play with these instruments...

What brought you into goa-sound?

One day we heard to Goa Gil on a big big raveparty in switzerland and our brain was getting exploded, that was in 1990 Since this night we realised, that is our music...and now we can’t get it out of our brains.

Do you listen to some other kinds of music?

For sure ,there are many other kinds of music we like,but it has to be spacy and groovy...Reggae and Space Rock is also very nice and we love to hear it.The folloeing bands we like:Gong,Pink Floyd,Magma,Ozric Tentacles,and the one and only Bob Marley.

What gear do you use for making your music?

We use a PC for producing our sounds, the soundcard we use is from Creamware (Luna) We have some nice plugins and Vst-Instruments, Reaktor 3 etc. Other synths we use : Electribe EA,ER, Virus A,Roland 101, Korg Trident.

Whats your opinion on the new forms of trance music (we can call it simply minimal/technoish stuff)?

It sounds not interesting for us,we think it’s well produced techno but no psychedelic trance. We think this sound is going backwards not forward as a new style....we don’t use this sounds for our dj-sets...

What do you think of the global psytrance scene at the moment ?

It rocks, and it goes forward-all around the world.There are a lot of friendly people everywhere...

How is the german scene from your point of view?

We live in the south part of germany . very close to the border of switzerland. Usually we are going to switzerland for parties.The scene there is very nice, quite small and open-minded.

What are your favourite projects?

Whooow-there are so many freaks we like, you all know the names .It is more interesting to find newcommers from different countries .The last big surprise was a guy from Brasil called "wrecked machine" What a brilliant sound !!

Do you have any side-projects?

"Unknown Reality" is a side-project with one rastalien and a very good friend from Switzerland, called Malaba. We are dj-ing together and sometimes we produce some special tunes. We are looking forward to play on some good parties in the near future and can see the peoples flying.....

How do you look at the MP3 scene?

It is okay for listening at home- but nothing for the dancefloor. Actually, we don’t care about it.

Your new album is coming soon? Any comments about it?

As it’s called "freestyle"-it’s music for the brain and the body, produced to make dancing interesting-just check it out on www.rastaliens.com !!! It will be released soon...

What is your favourite Rastaliens Track?

At the moment a rocking piece of freakness called "deep dive" . We are looking for a good label for this KILLER!!!!

Have you ever been to Czech republic?

No,we haven’t ,but we are really looking forward to come to Czech Republic, we heard , it must be great there...

Where was your best party?

We played on a lot of special ,unique and unforgetable parties...one of the special ones was the party in switzerland ,on which we played our first liveact !

Thanx guys and we hope you will rock our dancefloor... :-)

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