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Funny Moon official


12.07.2017 - 16.07.2017
Valeč u Karlových Varů
GPS 50.1750439N, 13.2458561E


– ABSOLUT (Psycrowdelica/Cosmixed Society) Sweden
– AIO (Lycantrop Records) Cannada
– ARAS (Mind Design) Austria
– AQUAMARINE (Banyan Records) Austria
– BOBBY OM (Mouju Records) Germany
– BOLON YOKTE aka IMIX JAGUAR (Popol Vu Records) Mexico
– CABAN (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
– COMSAT & PETAR (Fractal/Psychotria) Hungary
– COSMIC SPIRAL (Voodoo hoodoo rec/Samsara Rec) Guatemala (Live)
– CYPRIX (Mouju Records) Germany (Live)
– DALILAMA (SpaceLords) Serbia
– DARKSUNCHEZ (Criminal Analog) Serbia (Live)
– DARQ (Ogu Project) Germany (Live)
– EXIDUS (Cosmixed Society) Bulgaria
– FAINA (HippyFlip Rec/Dark Moon Rec/Gecko Acoustic) Austria
– GINGER POWER (Atman Festival) Germany
– GOAGNOME (Lucid Dreams) France
– GOAKLAUS (Independent) Germany
– HORIZON (Funny Moon/Cosmixed Society) USA
– INSANO & CAMSIS (Bionic Ritual) Austria
– IRGUM BURGUM (PsyBaba Records) Hungary (Live)
– KIMMEI (Banyan Records) Bavaria
– LITTLE PSYKEY (Mouju Records) Germany
– LOLLA (Zero Point) Czech Republic
– MARJAN (Cosmixed Society) Austria
– MALICE IN WONDERLAND (Bhooteshwara Rec/Banyan Rec) A (Live)
– MALEX (Soundlab Pirates) Austria (Live)
– MALLKU (Vantara Vichitra) Chile
– MAYA TEKK (Popol Vuh Rec/quantum digits Rec) Guatemala (Live)
– MELT (Uroboros/Insonitus Rec) Australia (Live)
– MIDNIGHT CLIMAX (Multifrequency Records) Guatemala (Live)
– MINA-TRIX (Zero Gravity) Austria
– NAIMA (Sangoma Records) Austria
– NEBOKAD (Mouju Records) Germany
– NECROPSYCHO (Alice-D Records) Brazil (Live)
– ODONATA (Purple Hexagon Records) Canada
– ONDRAJ PSYLA (Mystical Waves Rec) Czech Republic
– OPEN TRIBE (Monkey Business Rec) Austria (Live)
– ORIGIN (Interplay of Forces) Austria
– ODD (Vantara Vichitra Records) Malaysia
– PARAMA (Next Time Prod) Austria
– PHYSALIS (Soundlab Pirates) Austria (Live)
– PIXIE (Lycantrop Records) Costa Rica
– SABSUNSHINE (SoundLab Pirates) Austria
– SHROOMIX (Sacred Sounds /Masters of Puppets) Germany
– SPECTRALIS (Pixan Records) Austria (Live)
– TRIBSAND (Independent) Austria
– TARZAN (Mouju Records) Germany
– TOM O’RION (Hypnotica Rec) Germany
– TURIYA (Independent) Romania
– UUROHMBRE (Shipibo Sounds) Austria
– QUANTUM DYNAMICS (Weizui Records) Honduras (Live)
– XERION (Banyan Records) Germany
– ZENFLOW (Monkey Business Records) Austria (Live)
– ZENTRIX (Zenon Records/Techgnosis Records) Canada (Live)

(Chill Out Alternative Floor)
– ANDSMILE (Psychedelic Playground) Germany (Live)
– ANICCA (Cosmixed Society) Austria
– ARGYRIA (Avatar Records) Germany
– BEAT D FENDER (Yun Records) Portugal (Live)
– BENHO (Psychotria Records) Hungary
– BRIAN GRASSFIELD (Psychotria Records) Hungary (Live)
– COSMIC TOUCH (Visionary Shamanics Rec/Blue Tunes Chillout) Finland
– DALILAMA (SpaceLords) Serbia
– DEEP SPACE (Psychotria Records) Hungary
– ENTHEOGENIC – United Kingdom (Live)
– EXIDUS (Cosmixed Society) Bulgaria
– FIPSINGER & PARAMA (Next Time Prod) Austria
– FOTEL (Psychotria Records) Hungary (Live)
– HARMONIC (aka Nidhi/Spacelords) Austria
– IKOZA (Psychotria Records) Hungary
– I-One (Namaste) Czech Republic
– KASHMIR (Independent) Czech Republic
– MASTERMINDED Proj (Merkaba Music) Israel (Live)
– MUDASSASI (Dharmatronic) Hungary
– NASCA (4.49 Festival) Hungary
– NIKITA (Independent) Russia
– NOZIROH (Cosmixed Society) USA
– OUD VIBER (Independent) Germany
– PERMASMOKESOUNDLAB (Liquid Radio) Austria
– PSILO KLAUS (Funny Moon/Cosmixed Society) Austria
– PSYCHOZ (Avatar Records) Germany (Live)
– UNUSUAL COSMIC PROCESS (Blue Tunes Records) Ukraine (Live)
– 000333 (Independent) Czech Republic

DekotroniX - Usa/A
Jonnys Karma Deko Freak out Workshop/building
Kev PB (Lost String Deco) - France
Tarzan Arts & Nobokad Dekoration - Germany
Yara Kalou Decorations - Romania

Imix Jaguar visuals - Mexico
Liquid Senergy Design - USA
Osama (Music to Geometry Experiment) -(Un)United Kingdom
Venus Visual Art - Austria

Camping & Parking in one
Healing Area
Fire & Led Performance
Bunny Moon Children Area with Activities and Costumes ( with minimal noize )
Workshops with yoga meditation massage and more
Food & Market area with a view
Funny Forest and help Dekorate the forest workshop
Hammock Garden (lazy Land)
Open Air Movie Area (In the funny forest-don't like the sound in the night? come check it out)
Castle garden Open by day (Tripping Hazard)
Art Gallery


Come in your own Costume (Or is that how you always look? )

Never forget rule number 1(No Party, this is a culture event, with arts music young and old International People come to share there experience and life works)
No Party on the camping!(See Rule 1)
Fire only on Fire places
up stairs Camping Dogs please take you masters on the leash as the sheep and goats are near
Children are to take care of there Parents
!!! Watch OUT !!! No Paranoia
No Complaining : )

~Our Concept~
*A International Family Festival
*A Festival with an International line up, although still affordable for You, the people
*A Festival where you can bring your children & enjoy the time of the 'togetherness' of Family & Fun.
*A Platform for Fresh Dj's & up coming Live-Acts to introduce themselves to You
*A Festival with Healing Area with Workshops where you can expand your conciousness,
*A Festival where you can truly be involved when you feel like it, and are not treated like an unconcious consuming herd of cow/sheep (come pay & go), but come to stay and play:-)))!!!.

Cosmixed Society is not just the name of us few, but of us many. Were just the cleaning crew, are you the cleaning crew too? Then you are most welcome to mix youself into this cosmic mixed society.
Valec (Karlovarský Kraj) - 30km East of Karlovy Vary - on the E48 Exit Libkovice-left side

Directions from Wien: E59 - Jihlava (then) Autobahn 1 (Praha) Exit #10 on E50 (Direction Plzen) Exit #26 on E48 (direction Karlovy Vary) Exit (20km befor Karlovy vary -right side) Libkovice / Valec (First right- Next left - you are there!)


(CZ,SK,H,Pol,) Half of Listed Price) = 40 - 30 EURO sestupně od středy do soboty(placeno v CZK)