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Paradise Winter Festival 2011 pres. Talamasca, Neelix, Insector, Djane Gaby

Acts (selection):

TALAMASCA live (Mind Control Records), NEELIX live (Spintwist Records), INSECTOR (Psybaba Records), DJANE GABY (Cosmicleaf), MATERIA live (24/7 Records), DON ZIGGY (Stardust Creation), ALEZZARO (Iono Music, Progressive Selection), SINUS (24/7 Records), PROGRESSOR (Psylance, SOL Festival), PHILHARMONICA (Digital Nature Records / Universo Paralello)

"Open - Air Feeling" Deco including grass and trees / Indoor Nature Dancefloor / Special Winter Festival

On the 21.and 22 of January for the very first time Paradise Winter Festival takes place in the newly opened Club Membran in Vienna. The idea is to bring you pure festival atmosphere also during winter time to reduce waiting times till the summer season beginns . Therefore more than 20 artists are working hard on creating a unique and magical environment including an indoor-nature dancefloor with decorated trees and grass.
Its a pleasure to present you a mixture of the worlds top psytrance artist like Talamasca or Neelix and Austrias most finest Djs and producers like 24/7 star Materia or Iono artist Alezzaro during two nights.
While the mainstage will be dedicated to Psytrance, FullOn and Progressive-Psy during both nights, on Friday Lucid Dreams will bring you fresh Dark and Twisted Psy on the Moon Stage and the Cosmic Space Disco serves excellent Techhouse, Progressive and Minimal tunes on Saturday.

LINE UP (complete):

●●● MAIN STAGE ●●●

TALAMASCA live (Mind Control Records / France)
NEELIX live(Spintwist Records / Germany)
DJANE GABY (Cosmicleaf / Slovenia)
MATERIA live (24/7 Records / Austria)
DON ZIGGY (Stardust Creation / Austria)
SUN EXPERIENCE (RHF Soundlab / Austria)
MAYA (RHF Soundlab / Austria)
ALEZZARO (Iono Music, Progressive Selection / Austria)
SINUS (24/7 Records / Austria)
PROGRESSOR (Psylance, SOL Festival / Austria)
PHILHARMONICA (Digital Nature Records / Universo Paralello)

●●● MOON STAGE (2nd area) ●●●

hosted by LUCID DREAMS (21.01.2011)
friday night: twisted & dark special

INSECTOR (Psybaba Records / Hungary) special 2hrs liveset
IKEN (K.N.E.C.H.T / Austria)
LYSERG (Wild Seven Records, Lucid Dreams / Austria)
FADE FX (Supersane Collcetive / Austria)
G_MA (Bass Island / Austria)

●●● SUN STAGE (2nd area) ●●●

hosted by COSMIC - SPACE DISCO (22.01.2011)
saturday night: techhose/progressive/minimal special

SHANTI ROOTS (Vienna Scientists) live
BURT RENOLD (Cosmic - Space Disco)
MR. ROB (Club Vortex)
SAI (Waldwegmuzik)

Decoration by:
DARKLINES (Salzburg)
PARADISE DECOTEAM (Wien/Niederösterreich)

Visuals by:
BENSKI (New Zealand)
EL GEKO (Optical Matrix) Wien
THE FUNNY ASTRONAUT (Optical Matrix) Wien

Projections by:
VJ ZOID (Bass Island, Paradise Festival, ZOID GROUP) Melk

Start: Friday, 21. and Saturday, 22. January 2011, 22:00
Location: MEMBRAN Vienna, Baudißgasse 10, 1110 Wien
Web: www.paradise-festival.at

Presale (limited): starts 20.12.2010
web (http://www.paradise-festi...), „Aurin“ (Kircheng. 25, 1070 Wien) and wienXtra Jugendinfo (Babenbergerstr. 1, 1010 Vienna)
One night: 16,- EUR
Festivalpass: 25,- EUR

At the gates:
One night: 16,- EUR < 00:00 > 19,- EUR
Festivalpass: 29,- EUR

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