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CosmicWalkers info

we started to create decorations in 1995
for monthly technoparties(around 300people) in
merseburg(near leipzig)which were organized by some
friends of us. after around a year we had our first
bigger event in leipzig called "the sun" with around
1300 visitors. over a frankfurtconnection we also
started to make decorations for big parties in
frankfurt/main which were hosted by names like frank
lorbeer and sven väth. in the same time we started to
create our own psychedelic parties. first ones were
even small with 150-300 people but they grew over the
years. in 1998 we also hosted together with some
parties and projects a antifascistic party from a
truck near the center of leipzig a day before a
fascist demonstration with around 12000 people.
till now we did decorations on around 100 parties,
around 30 percent of them we did by our own.
in february of 2001 there were an article about us in
the german trance magazine called "mushroom", but they
changed words so that some sentences became another
meaning. but nevermind...also this year we did a lot,
decos for parties in germany like "indian spirit" with
3000 people as well as decos in portugal for dmt-clan
with around 1800 people...
so that´s our story in a short...

23.11.2001 | perplex | magazín