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Assassi:Nations review

(Tip.World 2001)

DAMN, this CD fucking rule.. don’t know if is out yet but i will ABSOLUTELY
buy it.. cause is AWESOME..
I already listened 4 times to it and like every fucking track!! (and is
not usual i listen so much to the same album, especially if is a mp3 one!)

Not to mention the magnificient : dr tek n dr panik - "psychedelic
cowboy" with a long long italian sample that is really great and for
you guys can translate and goes something like: "what the hell is doing a
blue psychedelic cowboy in the middle of the desert? and he’s with a guitar!
maybe he’s santana dressed as a cowboy or a kinda mexican tex-mex... whatever..
.etc.." that brought to me a great good smile.. i shortened the sample translation
as is very long but the meaning is what i said here.. ;)
anyway starting from track 9: synthetic - "the mummy" at
first u hear a glorious tributew to hallucinogen gamma goblins.. (don’t know
if 1 or 2) then the track goes pretty slowly building up till it hypnotize
you toward the end where a great sample of star wars (again don’t know wich
episode) kicks in and really makes the final part. Can’t describe too much
this track as i find it very interesting but not easy to be described, it
changes so much...
track 8: antidote - "have a drink" this one seems to be
a remix of an old track i have alreayd heard (maybe was an unreleased remastered...who
knows?) but with great power indeed a nice water sample at start and good
groove time..then comes a guitar that does his work here. not bad.
track 7: logic bomb - "logic" good psychedelic track as
the logical guys know how to do. don’t understand what the voice in background
says but good stuff in his whole structure. and the cokoo at the end really
makes it =)
6: the zorba - "the rush" awesome.. great melodic track..
is really the best after the cowboy one.. really my cup of tea.. great psychedelic
sounds and good theme! well congrats to these guys they’re bringin some good
tunes to the scene ;) oh and the track clocks at 6:04.. a coincidence? who
knows.. but is really a great track.
track 5: dr tek n dr panik - "psychedelic cowboy" the best
track of the cd.. a real must.. western atmosphere is all here i will definetely
put it in a set cause no one will know that and they will all be inpressed..
thanks to tip.world for releasing such a track..
track 4: alien project - "genetic eye remix" good remix
of a great track.. a must indeed... the effect mixed with the sample at 2:50
does it! great work. longest track of the cd and full-on one.
track 3: 1300 mics - "salvia divinorum" wonderful track..
voice is of paul tylor or raja ram.. i know for sure or maybe they’re both
speaking.. i immediately recognized the voices as i rember very well when
i met them in uk!.. the track is awesome too and was played at the big festival
in germany this past august.. great track.. but similat to DMT.. is like a
serie of psychoactive substances exalted.. not bad anyway and will make for
the fan of the style!
track 2: meat heat productions - "the big ship" well this
is the only incredible thing.. this track is a remix of deedrah - reload and
similar to the gms remix.. very weird... i hope mr dado knows about that cause
these guys can get seriuos troubles as there is no doubt this track is reload.
anyway.. at tip.world they know what they’re doing (probably...) and since
i don’t have the cd yet i cannot read if there is credits or if dado himself
is involved in this..
track 1: alien project - "midnight sun (gms remix)" spectacular
remix off the gms guys and for the first time some original stuff!! someone
must have reset their knowbs as the bass is changed and the tune works great!
maybe is because is a remix but good track..
so in definitive i give a good 8 to this album very worth the listen
boom shankar

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