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Apoxina Records Label Profile

Apoxina is a new label based in France and was created by Mynox and Helwinn
in the purpose to release the best of underground psychedelic trance. They both
are coming from the french southwestern psychedelic scene, (Kamea parties: a
group of well motivated people organising some of the best parties in south
of france since 1999).
The project of Apoxina records was in Mynox head since a long time, but Apoxina
was really born at the Zen99 festival in the French Pyrrennees 3 years ago,
with the great help of Dj Sebliminal who permitted to many people to connect
each others for the love of good music.
Then they started the Psychovader project in 2001 and it takes
nearly 1 year to be ready...
Plans for the future are a second Cd compilation, and to release artists albums,
always choosing new storming or top-of-the-underground artists!
Here is the first compilation : PSYCHOVADER - compiled by DJ Helwinn.
unreleased tracks signed by some of the best artists of the scene :
- 2 years after their last stomping releases, WEIRDO BEARDO a.k.a Ulf Gustavsson
(Sweden) and TWIN FREAKS (Ulf and Jouni Ollila-S) makes one of the most awaited
return in the psychedelic scene;

- Luc achintre and Julien Fougea (ex-Droidsect-France) are presenting their
new project DIGITAL TALK, as well as their solo side-projects THE CROW (Luc)
and MANDUKYA (Julien) : three dark/nighttime/Full-on tracks;

- Coming from the growing scene of Arhus (Denmark), JAHBO, INSANE BEHAVIOR and
GRAPES OF WRATH, Three projects for a wonderful morning track and two full-on
Wicked night tunes;

- And, last but not least, ECT & MASS (Leigh Griffiths and Simon Massey-England)
who delivered this  "...really twisted psychedelic nu-skool breaks kinda thing
at 140 BPM...” (Leigh);
Thanks dudes!
(p) & (c) Apoxina 2002

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