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We are in Space-20th Anniversary of Psyalaska Crew


09.10.2020 - 11.10.2020
Chata Kosodrevina
Chata Kosodrevina Bystrá dolina, Chopok Juh 977 01 Bystrá


•●ૐ●• PETRIX – Ufo Bufo/Transkarpatians Ukrajine

•●ૐ●• AZRAEL - NeuroScotia rec - UK

•●ૐ●• OCHEN-Lesna Zajka/Medula - POLAND

•●ૐ●• STYROPIAN-Psylesia - POLAND

•●ૐ●• EVO – Goaproduction. China/Slovakia

•●ૐ●•FLAME - Soundscript Slovakia

•●ૐ●• STAFA Psyalaska Tribe Slovakia

•●ૐ●• TURO Psyalaska Tribe Slovakia

•●ૐ●• CUMMIS-Zahadum Sphere Slovakia

•●ૐ●• MAVERICK Psyalaska Tribe Slovakia

•●ૐ●•HARY - Psyalaska Tribe Slovakia

•●ૐ●•MAGUA .- Psyalaska Tribe Slovakia

•●ૐ●•SMEAGOL-Bizzare Project Slovakia

•●ૐ●• ACID STORM-Experimental crew Slovakia
and many moore

Live Acts

•●ૐ●• KALA - Forestdelic rec. Macedonia

Developing it's authentic sound and having passed through different levels in exploration of music production techniques, Kala is now a synonym for pure groovy dancefloor psychedelica. The sound is a pretty diverse array of moods and rhythms which works in almost every indoor and outdoor party or festival setting, as long as true psychedelic stomping music is required. Kala performances are already heard on many big festivals and parties around the world. If you want an ear-on proof of the cosmic experience that happens on Kala's performances, be sure not to miss the next time you see it on your party or festival line-up.

•●ૐ●• CHUDL - Banyan Rec. Austria

Chudl is the project from Erich C. living in Vienna. He’s focusing on the forest subgenre of pystrance.
His first EP "Fluid Of Life" was released at the Berlin based label Amaya Productions last year. Some older and his first releases you can find on various VA's from Visionary Shamanics.
His musical style is described with warm sounding basses, surrounded by deep layers, typically in a dark-forest atmosphere.
Chudl has played at parties and festivals in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia, as well as participating in the Vienna based party organizer group called Kodama, which is going to operate a permanent forest stage at the Masters of Puppets festival beginning with 2015.

•●ૐ●• MALICE IN WONDERLAND - Pralayah Rec. Austria

Behind the project Malice in Wonderland is Thomas aka Jaramogi, a music enthusiast from Austria, with iranian/mexican background.
The wide variations of sounds, rhythmic structures and textures which seem to move through otherworldly sounddimensions are giving his compositions a very unique and special character.
MIW's Livesets are intended to be a sonic trip and cover the many faces & various aspects of the tunes in an effectively combination to emphasize a contrast between intricate harmony & distorted screams of raw energy and emotion.
Over the last couple of years he appeared on various compilations & ep's, released 2 albums and performed in more than 40 countries all over the world.
Originally started as a collaboration with Matakana & Gargamel, the project is now beeing continued by him solo (since 2010).

•●ૐ●• FANTAZMA – Forestdelic Rec. Slovenia

Fantazma is the musical project of two soulmates (Tiann & Kaleman), who share a deep passion for music. In August 2019, they released their first EP, Neuroritual, on the Forestdelic label. Neuroritual was accepted with open arms and made appearances at some of the biggest summer festivals. Since then, Fantazma's sound has traveled through various musical landscapes, all the while growing and maturing, and today their music offers access to the most colorful parts of your mind. The duo brings funky, psychedelic happiness on the dancefloor while maintaining the coolness of twisted night-time grooves.

•●ૐ●• Djane NAIMA – Sangoma rec. Austria

Sarah Naima grew up in an old hippi environment and extraordinary musical family, these love and sensitivity for the music came quite early in her life.
Already at the age of 6 she started playing keyboard and since then her passion for music grew steady.
In the year 1996 she came in touch with electronic music for the first time.
Since then she has been following many different styles in the electronic scene with big enthusiasm until she made the experience of a Psychedelic- Trance Party in the year 2003.
She was instantly hooked with this scene and she fell deeply in love with the music, the energy and all these inspiring, magical places and people surrounding her.
Naima started her journey as a DJ seriously 2009, in her sets she symbolize psychedelic sounds, mystical & powerful deep tunes for colourful nights or energetic mornings.
The style and the kind of music she chooses for her Sets depends on the atmosphere and energy around but also on the setting and at which time she plays.
During the last years Naima grew as an international DJ,and she has performed on various international Parties and some of the best Festivals all around the world

•●ૐ●• JARAMOJI and NAIMA – Blue Hour Sound. Austria

Jaramogi & Naima is a project from Austria created 2010 by Thomas (Malice in Wonderland) & Sarah Naima (Djane Naima).The music varies a lot in terms of mood and energy and they like to experiment with a wide varity of different styles.Their productions can be discribed as deep, athmospheric and groovy music with the main focus to stay in the original spirit of psychedelic trance.
Since 2012 they are signed to Blue Hour Sounds.

●ૐ●• TIANN & KALEMAN – Forstdelic rec. Slovenia

•●ૐ●• JIS - NeoGoa rec. Hungary

●ૐ●• CHORS – Time code rec. Slovakia

●ૐ●• JUJU PLANET DUB – Tip Top Undeground rec. Slovakia

•●ૐ●• FLOATING PLANET- Tip Top Undeground Rec. Slovakia


WE ARE IN SPACE-20th anniversary of psyaalaska crew

Low Tatras mountains-Slovakia
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Chata Kosodrevina
Bystrá dolina, Chopok Juh
977 01 Bystrá


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GreenLife charity festival

Srdecne vas pozyvame na oslavu 20tych narodenin PSYALASKA crew na weekendovom mini festivale WE ARE IN SPACE na legendarnej chate KOSODREVINE - NIZKE TATRY V termine cez babie leto 9-11.10.2020. Korona nam prekazila plany pozvat djov z dalekych krajov nakolko boli porusene lety ale verim ze potesi lineup zlozeny z EU artistov.

Možete sa tešiť na dve podia s množstvom zahraničnych aj domacich interpretov. Nebude chybat velky chillout alternative stage s čajovnou SHANTEA BAR. K dispozicii budu dva bary, jedalen s dennym menu, množstvo obchodikov.
O dekoracie sa na hlavnom floore sa postara DODO LAB z Polska s novym stage konceptom a psyalaska decos

Ubytovnaie priamo na chate KOSODREVINA- rezervacie iba emailom od 1 augusta


Chata Kosodrevina
Bystrá dolina, Chopok Juh
977 01 Bystrá

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